Vol. 4, No. 15 (August 01, 2011)

East-West energy cooperation and its consequences for Georgia and Azerbaijan

The development of east-west energy cooperation in the Caspian region not only has involved a wide range of participants in the region but has promoted the development of infrastructure, the improvement of the macro-economic environment and the international integration of both Georgia and Azerbaijan into the international community.  This development has especially benefited Georgia which is a transit country rather than a producer, but it has also been important for Azerbaijan which is both. Thanks to Azerbaijan and contracts for the transit and supply of gas and oil for ten and t...
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Ankara’s strategic depth concept and its approach to Azerbaijan

Ankara’s approach to the South Caucasus in general and Azerbaijan in particular reflects the concept of “strategic depth” that has been articulated by its current foreign minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, who more than his predecessors has insisted that Turkey play a key role in the South Caucasus and more generally in international affairs.  Davutoglu’s concept is outlined in his book entitled Strategic Depth, where he argues that in the last two decades Turkey has emerged from its position as a forward base of NATO to become a regional and global actor and consequently must seek ...
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Azerbaijan grapples with visa issues

As is the case for most countries, visa issues present a series of complex challenges for Azerbaijan.  On the one hand, Azerbaijan is naturally and vitally interested in asserting its sovereignty and exercising control over those who apply to visit it.  But on the other hand, Azerbaijan has an interest in reducing visa formalities not only to facilitate tourism and business travel into the country, but also to make it easier, when other countries reciprocate in eliminating or simplifying visa procedures for Azerbaijani nationals. Azerbaijani tourism officials and businessmen cu...
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