Paulo Botta

Paulo Botta studied International Relations at Cordoba Catholic University (Córdoba, Argentina). He then studied at the Arabic Language Centre in Cairo (Egypt) and obtained his Ph.D. at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Carolina Foundation, Doctorate Fellowships Programme). In 2007, he joined FRIDE (Madrid, Spain), before that he taught at Universidad Empresarial Siglo 21 (Córdoba, Argentina) and worked at the Centre for Contemporary Middle Eastern Studies (CEMOC). At FRIDE, he coordinated the EU funded project-consortium Transnational Terrorism, Security and Rule of Law. He was then responsible for the newsletter of the Ford Foundation-funded project "The gap between narratives and practices. Darfur: The responses from the Arab world." In early 2011, he moved to Buenos Aires (Argentina) to work at the Center for Strategic Studies of the Argentinean Air Force as research coordinator. He also holds the "Eurasia" Chair at the Institute for International Relations (National University of La Plata, Argentina).