Aytakin Huseynli

Aytakin Huseynli earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work from the George Warren Brown School of Social Work at the Washington University in St. Louis. She currently works as a country director of an international organization, Hilfswerk Austria International in Azerbaijan and supports the Azerbaijan Government to establish social services. Meanwhile, she manages the project on the establishment of the Social Policy Department at Azerbaijan State Economic University. She is also the founder and chair of the Social Work Public Union, which is member of International Federation of Social Workers. She is also the member of the Council on Social Work Education. She has six years experience of research and teaching in social work and social policy related courses. Ms. Huseynli has been a resident scholar for the Open Society Institute’s HESP/ Academic Fellowship Program for six years. She participated in the establishment of the bachelor and master degree in social work at Baku State University. Currently, she teaches social policy courses for the program of the Special Talent Group at Azerbaijan State Economic University. Her research areas are social policy, particularly family and child policies, social protection and child development.