Vol. 4, No. 19 (October 01, 2011)

Moscow and the delimitation of Karabakh in the 1920s

As a contribution to the unveiling of the history of Soviet policy toward Nagorno-Karabakh, Azerbaijan in the World offers what is the final half of the second of a three part article on the origins of Soviet policy on this region that was prepared by distinguished Azerbaijani historian Jamil Hasanly.  It originally appeared in Russia’s Regnum News Agency at http://regnum.ru/news/fd-abroad/armenia/1429237.html.  The previous sections of Professor Hasanly’s account were published in the preceding issues of Azerbaijan in the World.  The remaining sections will be publish...
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Water as a foreign policy challenge for Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan does not face the kind of potable water crisis that confronts many of the countries of Central Asia, but each of the three water problems it does have to deal with have a foreign policy dimension.  First, there is the problem of pollution in rivers that rise in Armenia, Georgia and other neighboring countries and then flow into Azerbaijan.  Second, there is the challenge of agreeing on how to share the water of rivers flowing along its borders with states on the other side.  And third, there is the difficulty of coping with decisions of other states that have le...
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