Vol. 2, No. 10 (May 15, 2009)

The European Union’s Eastern Partnership: Opportunities and challenges

The Eastern Partnership between the European Union and six former Soviet republics – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine – represents economic, political and cultural opportunities and challenges for the EU, the six countries who signed on to this accord in Prague on May 7th, and the Russian Federation. Because some of these appear to be diffuse and uncertain, many commentators are dismissing this latest EU initiative either as, in the words of the Wall Street Journal, “not worth the paper it is printed on,” or as a cover for arranging for a pipeline syste...
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Turkish-Armenian rapprochement and the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: The role of collective memory and identity

The recent rapprochement between Turkey and Armenia and Turkey’s agreement to open the borders with Armenia has generated serious concerns in Azerbaijan.  For many in Baku, these events have raised the question as to how the improvement in Turkish-Armenian relations will affect the resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.  Given that Armenian forces occupy 20 percent of the territory of Azerbaijan and significant progress toward their withdrawal has not been achieved, many in Azerbaijan have decided that this Turkish action will reduce the chances for a resolution of the ...
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Anarchy, hierarchy or neither: An indigenous Azerbaijani concept of national security

The Republic of Azerbaijan is a country that is often said to occupy a precarious position in the international system.  First, surrounded by three former imperial cores and major contemporary powers – Turkey, Iran and the Russian Federation – it is commonly viewed as being subject to multiple pressures of competition for strategic influence.  Secondly, it experienced a seven-year civil and international conflict involving the neighboring Republic of Armenia, constituting an internal (1988-1991) and an interstate (1992-1994) phase resulting in approximately 30,000 deaths an...
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