Guglielmo Verdirame

Dr. Guglielmo Verdirame is Professor of International Law at King’s College London, which he joined in September 2011. Before coming to King’s, Dr. Verdirame was a Lecturer in the Faculty of Law at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law (2003-2011); a Junior Research Fellow at Merton College, Oxford (2000-2003); and a Research Officer at the Refugee Studies Centre at the University of Oxford (1997-98). He also held a visiting appointment at Harvard Law School (2007) and was Director of Studies for Public International Law at the Hague Academy of International Law (2006). His research interests cover: (i) public international law, especially the use of force and the laws of war; human rights and forced displacement; national security law; international organisations; international criminal law; energy, oil and the protection of foreign investment; and the settlement of international disputes; (ii) philosophy of international law/relations, especially just war; theory of the state and sovereignty; liberalism; German and British idealism; (iii) interaction between law and strategy, especially in relation to the concept of lawfare, non-proliferation and counter-proliferation.