ICT Development in the South Caucasus: Comparative review

The countries of the South Caucasus region have demonstrated quite interesting performances in terms of economic development and competitiveness moving up and down in various indices and reports by international organizations during the last decade.  If we examine the rankings on the Ease of Doing Business of the World Bank, for example, we see that Azerbaijan, which was ranked 38th just a few years ago and named a top reformer back then is only ranked 55th in 2010 due to the fact that one of the indicators “Employment,” in which Azerbaijan has been traditionally showing top performance has been removed recently and not counted during the last index calculations.  This example alone shows how varied development in the region is ...

Source: http://biweekly.ada.edu.az/vol_5_no_9/ICT_Development_in_the_South_Caucasus_Comparative_review.htm

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